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The Dixieland Crackerjacks concert band is the most direct link to how it all started in 1994. Usually with six musicians, occasionally with added guest soloists.
This setting is used during concerts at musical festivals, in theatres, at dances or when easy listening music is required.

The band did play at numerous Jazz festivals and in Jazz clubs throughout western Europe. Some of the highlights include longer international tours visiting festivals in Germany, (Dresden, Stuttgart, Cologne and many other cities) France, Belgium and England. (Birmingham Jazz Festival 1999). The music is introduced with some additional information about composers and original recordings. Every band member has a solo piece to show his/her individual musical capacities.
In recent times, the band is often asked to play at events in specific thematic settings, like Charleston, Cotton-Club, or Roaring-Twenties parties.
Sometimes the band is asked to play just easy listening. The Crackerjacks gained a good reputation at playing the right dynamics.

Through the years, a large and most varied band book has been built consisting of the highlights from the early jazz period, with additional own compositions and some sidesteps to other musical styles like Latin American and Rock 'n Roll.

The band dresses in Tuxedo or in happy Dixie-outfit.

The musicians are:
Michel Muller trumpet, vocal
Selena Brandsma-Kuiper trombone, vocal
Bert Brandsma all saxes, clarinet, vocal, assistant drums
Koos Greven banjo, guitar, vocal
Raymond van der Hooft drums, vocal
Henk Haverhoek double bass
On request the formation of the Concert Band can be expanded
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